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Learn how you can apply Travis Fox’s methodology that focuses on how to get to the bottom of our subconscious controlling habits and help you to Unwind Your Mind so that you can experience real positive change in your life.

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Travis is baaaack…

Returning after almost a decade from the biggest and most popular hypnosis stage show, Hypnomania™, Travis Fox has returned to share the profound insight he gained from his time spent traveling the world and learning like the “Masters” from places like Bali, Bhutan, Thailand, Istanbul Ireland, France, Costa Rica and many more.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals.”

Travis Fox’s methodology focuses on a “Bottom up” approach discovering the real, spiritual centered you at the subconscious realm and helps you to Unwind Your Mind so that you can experience  change in your life that reflects that which truly matters most. 

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Travis Fox's full suite of programs focusing on mental clarity and physical health at the same time, these programs guide you to better feelings both inside and out. Getting the habits that support those changes internally to become more permanent. More...

Often its not easy to "Do It Yourself" and have the willpower to stick to it and make real change in your life. Travis Fox is here for you to work with you and keep you on schedule to help you make that REAL CHANGE and become the Ideal You. Click here for a free 30-min session.

"Build you business by leading from the bottom up."  We help people unwind their company culture to reignite their vision and direction to connect with their customers and increase profits by way of Architect of Being 360. Click here for a FREE 30-Min Session.

Concentrating on mindsets that allow you to find your focus, follow your passion and create your own success starting with getting out of your own way by reducing fear, doubt, worry, and excuses for those seeking the path of business success. More...

From the moment we have life, our minds start learning and processing information both internally and externally. Calming and empowering this module helps the young child from 0 to 10 years old, when the mind is truly wonderfully open and ready to learn. More...

Focusing on the physical health of the body and mental clarity at the same time, this module guides the way to better feelings both inside and out. Getting the habits that support those changes internally to become more permanent at the automated level. More...

This module starts with understanding what love isn’t, and letting go of those things that Keep you from truly living life out loud, free, desirous and passionate, so you can learn to love yourself for real, and love fully to another from your heart versus your head. More...

Lifestyle changes do not come simply from forcing and fighting yourself on a physical level. This module helps you to change your mindset by addressing the subconscious emotional baggage we carry around that is preventing us from truly making permanent change. More...

As you know, you can win if your head is in the game. Sports is mental, enhancing the physical. This module is truly about training the mental aspect of sports allowing a higher end physical performance increase for long term results and habit automation. More...

How much of YOU are you willing to discover? 

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"I have let go of 7lbs in one week! Thank you for the life-changing experience!"


Portland, OR

" 7 months I have let fo of over 60lbs and I am determined to never go back."

Laura B.

Vernon, CT

"I have gone from a size 24W to a size 12! ~ 90lbs!! Thank you for giving me back my youth!"

Joyce V.

Seattle, WA

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For the last 25 years, Travis has been training and teaching his patent pending methodology architecting sales, marketing, communication, branding and corporate cultures for both private and public corporations.

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