Let’s start this out with a very simple truthful question” “If we all agree golf is 90% percent mental, then how is it was spend 90% of our time working on the physical side of the game and keep expecting we will get better?”

After the last two decades of watching, what many have said might be the most dynamic display of mental prowess in the Tiger Woods, we do have proof that the game is played from the mind first” body second. Yet in by the looks of how things are still being approached the average golfer is still buying the latest driver, newest ball and should by all means be shooting under par and hitting the ball four hundred yards every round. Sadly this is clearly not the case.

Let’s agree technology has made the game play easier and there are distinct advantages that compared to the great giants of the game prior equipment are more forgiving. Yet when it comes to playing a consistent better round of golf, purposeful practicing and lowering handicaps we really have not made much progress; this being specifically due to the lack of focus or work on the mental approach of the game.

Rule #1 from The Beat the Bogey Man methodology: “Everything from the neck down, is controlled from the neck up.” Therefore, even if one were to just simply spend 50% of their time doing mental training, it stands to reason there would be at least improvement in their scoring and playing performances. The real challenge for this known fact becoming common place is two-fold: It just doesn’t feel as “cool” to work on your mental training and golfers don’t want anyone to know they are a “head case.”

Looking at these two in brevity. We will buy the latest designs, shoes, hats, gloves, clubs, bag and balls all in a effort to “look the part” yet nothing really changes the performance of the game. Ego much? The other side, we all don’t want anyone to know we are a “Head-Case” which is almost laughable in and of itself; for the real truth is we are all head cases! No not one who plays the game is mentally sound, for we have all chosen to perfect a game that can never be perfected, yet we seek that which we know is not possible. Guess what, we are all nuts for that mindset alone, much less seeking to improve a game based on mental awareness, when we do little to improve that which starts the entire process of playing the game of golf” your mind!

The next and probably most important decision that a golfer can make before you buy another expensive driver or latest ball, decide to improve your mental game and improve that which drives your gaming experience. Golf is mental. Isn’t it time you stop being a head-case and become your own head-coach!

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Dr. Travis Fox, PhD

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