Many people spend a lifetime learning a trade or skill so that they can know that they know something; funny thing is when they finally master that skill they realize that they really know nothing at all! Does this sound like you? Yeah, me too.

We spend much our lives learning and seeking knowledge so that we can get better work, houses, cars or make a better life for our children only to end up wondering what is this all for. When you lay awake at night and the garbage in your mind comes crashing in don’t you hear that thought; “what is this all for learn, work, earn and die??” Immediately following that thought is usually something like there has got to be more than this right GOD? I mean come on! I know I am not alone in this arena here, if you are reading this unzip your ego and listen to your thoughts, you will hear this one often, especially if you are on the path to Freedom.

Is it possible then that everything you have done, gone through, experienced or yet to experience has all been a training ground leading you to this moment, reading this right now? If you are on the path then you know the answer to this already, if not and still waking up ponder that this week; that will be your assignment. If you are like most here on MMP you know the answer and thus I will not go there now.

This week’s homework is easy yet for those who are still “asleep” it may just blow your mind, ready?

All you have to do this week is answer one tiny little question and post your answer on the group blog; if you write me personally asking for the answer I will not reply, so know that up front, nothing personal. MMP’ers this is the question.

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

When you’re ready post your answer on the group. I will post the answer sometime next week but will not tell anyone when that will be.
Time to wake up MMP’ers life is here! Tell everyone about MMP,, break out of your fear about their reaction, we are truly growing!

Thank you FMC’s for being available to all of MMP and for unzipping yourselves as you do every day here, I am truly honored to have you with me, and this week will test all of you as well!

Freedom for all

Thank you for accepting my Invitation to spend time together to learn more about how to “Unwind Your Mind” and take control of your life!


Dr. Travis Fox, PhD

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