Ok let’s chat honestly for a minute, when you look in the mirror do you look at all the things you would like to change? Do you talk yourself into such a state that you have to leave the room before you puke? Do you continually talk yourself down and notice every flaw you think you have? If you are like most, especially woman, it is a statistically fact that 8 of 10 women think they are ugly or unattractive!!!

Our conscious minds are built for looking for the negative due the fact it is built to defend our subconscious computers from “harmful” programs that become automatic. However, it rarely occurs to people that the conscious mind itself can be the very cause of the “negative” automated thinking we have!

For example, let’s say you look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself in heavy emotional way that you are disgusting, fat and a cellulite bag of bones (come on you know you do this or something like it) and you do with the emotion that cements it as “fact” to your subconscious, within a very short period of time you will have an automated program at the unconscious level. Now this program will fire off every time you look in the mirror and your conscious minds will continue to add more “comments” to your program making it cycle over and over again. Eventually, not only will your emotions become angry and dispassionate but you will force your body to become even more so of what have now programmed yourself to be!

What stops you from focusing on the fantastic part of you? If you are horrible, then you must be phenomenal! There can’t be dark without the light and light without the dark! If you we can focus on the dark we can CHOOSE to focus on the light. The choice is ours not our reactive monkey minds!

This week, since it is a short week due to the election and MMP’s move to Atlanta, spend your time, one minute at least; look for what makes you great, unique and fantastic. It doesn’t have to be an outside thing! Look at your qualities that make you, YOU! Remember if you focus on those items your mind will make more of it and you will send that energy out in to the world. The world reflects back to you what you send into it! Send your fantastic self to it and let’s start changing with light side so that you can shine more light into your own darkness, instead of spreading more darkness!

Thank you all for last week’s responses, all have been answered! Later today the new video coaching will be posted and this will be expanded a touch deeper!


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