HyPerformance Relaxation therapy is long term, behavior modification. It assists with… changing your life and your habits and instantaneously giving you more self control, better self-actualization with a limited time commitment. This type of change is done via hypnotherapy in conjunction with Neuro-Linquistic Programming, neurodynamics and Ericksonian therapy. It eases the individual into a highly, receptive, mental state through a combination of words, voice tones, voice patterns and music.

The music was composed by commission from Travis Fox. This is a non-harmful therapy, in a box. It is topic specific. The individual always has control over when they use it.

This process is less intrusive into one’s personal life than cognitive models. HPR focuses on getting results in the future, not in the past which cannot be changed. It allows for a natural process with dynamic, creative change.

These programs access the problem-solving component of the subconscious imagination. 90% of our lives are run on unconscious patterns and behaviors which are housed in our subconscious.

HyPerformance Relaxation is a fast, efficient way to bypass the conscious, cognitive filtering of information to allow direct penetration to the source of the undesired habit or behavior.

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Dr. Travis Fox, PhD

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