We are such control freaks by nature, but what is really behind our need to control?
Fear, plain and simple. The number one fear is that we will fooled, or taken or worse yet look stupid in some sort or another, yet the truth of truths be told, we all must learn everything when we come onto this plane & planet, thus one can never really look stupid, since all is new to us.

While coming out from under the veil of shadows and rumor, hypnosis is still to this day suffering the same fate due to fears that are simply not true; yet our egoic minds will not allow the truth to sink in, validating that hypnosis is always there whether we like or it nor, regardless of our awareness.

People have long feared that which they do not fully understand, hypnosis is one of those items that is most powerful and can often be used to further our advantage & experience of this life, yet due to false fears and myths many are sadly missing out on what they are already experiencing yet not controlling!

The most common fear is that hypnosis is mind control from another, when the accurate truth is that hypnosis is really about control from within. Hypnosis or the state of being, is really just one of the normal and natural brainwaves, we all experience daily, called Theta Wave. The only difference between what happens twice a day naturally and the process called hypnosis is we are controlling the “how often” we can experience this brain wave, which allows us to access our human computer, commonly called the Subconscious.

You see hypnosis in and of itself is merely a gatekeeper that allows us to pass through our conscious defenses to “see” what programs are running behind our “green curtains” within our kingdom of OZ. Once we know how to “click our heels” and enter into the internal kingdom of ourselves, the false fears we have allowed to permeate our lives are simply that, false and nothing but programs that have gotten into our internal kingdom and are making themselves at home.

Hypnosis is not a deep, dark evil thing born from the depths of hell, anymore than chocolate. Both are there the whole time, yet like chocolate, which tastes pleasurable and is good for you overall. Yet if eaten daily or in massive amounts helps you gain weight, blood sugar imbalances and eventually you will despise that which you liked once. So to is it with hypnosis.

Used for adjustment and enhancement of programs that no longer serve your habitual lifestyle, hypnosis is an amazing, powerful tool to fine-tune your subconscious mind. Of course, if used for manipulation of self to the extremes, for sports performance or sexual enhancement, one can begin to falsely fear or accuse hypnosis as the responsible party for the extreme, when once again it is merely a gatekeeper nothing more.

While there are certainly more stereotypes, myths and fears surrounding and about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, with almost all of them being completely false and fear based, the one truth you need to know is this until we look into the abyss of ourselves the only fear we have to fear, is fear inside ourselves!

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Dr. Travis Fox, PhD

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