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Disclosure: Architecting is not a form of therapy, nor are the Architects or Architects in Training therapists or presenting therapy of any kind. All clients are practicing their own self-hypnosis and have asked of their own free will, for reflection from an Architect or The Architects in Training team member(s). With the clear understanding that all change is self-directed and self-derived, nothing in Architecting is a course or should replace a course of intervention of medical or psychological doctors supervision. See your medical advisor prior to entering into a self-development or growth training and Bigger Than Us, LLC, Travis Fox, Architect of BEingTM , Architecting or Architects in TrainingTM are not responsible for a persons application of the information conveyed which is for entertainment purposes only.

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The palatable sensation of watching those wake themselves up, who are truly ready, gives me the greatest satisfaction knowing that I can have that kind of an impact on their lives.
Travis Fox, The Architect of BEing
Prad Bitt
Manager, Leo Styles


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