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7-Day Transformational Event

WE all have daily opportunities to choose who we want to be and how we want to live our next chapter, right?

What if you keep feeling that feeling that something is missing, or not fully there or we keep repeating relationships/business partnerships that keep failing, why?

To start with, most of us are not clear on what we really, really want and more over that our habits and patterns are coming from deep within our own mind, but usually come from somewhere else than our own desires. How we finally discover, release and free ourselves to live life to the maximum?

During the 7 day event, attendees will be led through, the step-by-step original method created by Travis Fox, calming your “monkey mind”, facing with the inner voices of doubt, worry, frustration and fear that resides in our deepest emotions. At last, discover how to find a peaceful zone within on command and much more to create your life authentically – Learning your Passion, Time, Value & Belief – R.O.I. (Return on Investment).

Are you ready for monumental change?

Payment option:
4 Monthly payments of $1000
1 final payment of $1500
What Happens at this 7-Day Event?

Its not just all work and no play!

Your admission price includes private shuttle service (with air conditioning, beverages and food served) to and from the airport, your own private accommodations in one of 2 side-by-side villas in the Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta, 3 meals per day (with Vegan and Vegetarian options available) served by our professional chef, unrestricted access to the beach in front of the villas, full use of the pools, daily maid service and MUCH MORE along with the ability to attend any of the training sessions being offered each day! Training sessions include topics that range from yoga to finances and relationships. All you need to bring is your open mind and a willingness to start truly living the life you always wanted (yes, you will need clothes and a plane ticket!!)!!!

Are you ready for a new beginning?
Payment option:
4 Monthly payments of $1000
1 final payment of $1500


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