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“Need to have one for non-business… general anxiety and worry. I love most of travis fox cds“

Traci S.

Program: Free From Stress and Worry

“This worked so well that I have borrowed it out and the person who borrowed it wanted to keep so I bought another for me! Dr. Travis Fox is amazing. I have 3 other CD’s of his as well.”

Kathryn W.

Program: Stop Procrastinating

I like the verbal part of this. The music is repetitive and highly distracting. I wish they would fix it because it has great possibilities to help people in pain.” Customer

Program: Pain Management

I have been using Travis Fox and his products since he started with the Beat the Bogeyman video series. I would highly recommend that system as well to get a good foundation of the golf fundamentals. The Get Psyched book is a good follow up to the Beat the Bogeyman series. It takes you much more in depth into the workings of the mind and how it relates to golf. The first chapters of the book give you a good description of how the mind works. The mind is very complex and Dr. Fox does a great job of describing the brain and how it works. In these chapters he describes the different states of the mind and gives you a true understanding of hypnosis. There are many that don’t understand how hypnosis works and Dr. Fox does a great job of explaining it while dealing with some of the fears related to it. As you get further into the book Dr. Fox relates the golf game to the mental side which he has described in detail. He starts with reframing which is basically training yourself to think a certain way to achieve your best results. He then takes you into some great application points that will definitely help your golf game. Chapter 8 deals with right footed putting which will help your feel and create more consistent putting and in the final chapter ties everything together very well.

This book is a must for any golfer that wants to shoot consistently lower scores. I highly recommend this book along with the Beat the Bogeyman series and I am sure it will go along way to improve your golf game.” Matthew C.

Program: Get Psyched Golf Book - Secrets to Lower Golf Scores

Since I have listened to your method, I have noticed a steady improvement in not only my golf game in general, but my disposition and mental approach to competitive golf has also improved greatly!

Steven Welker

PGA Professional – Senior Player of the Year 2007, Oregon Chapter

After using the Bogey Manmethod I have become a better player and have more confidence than ever!” –  (PGA Professional Head Pro Creekside CC, Salem, Oregon)

Dana Lodin

Program: Beat the Bogey Man Book, -PGA Professional – Head Pro Creekside CC, Salem, Oregon

Dr. Fox taught me how to coexist with fear, embrace challenges and seize opportunities that were out of reach before.” 

Chris Stroud

PGA TOUR 2006 – 2012

“After having Dr. Fox on our show, I couldn’t wait to get the program and test it out for an upcoming tournament. I chose to listen to “Perfect Putting” because I had been struggling with consistence and making putts thereby allowing me to score. I had probably played three rounds of golf in the last two months so my total preparation for this tournament consisted of 1 practice round, 2 hours of hitting balls and putting, and listening to the “Perfect Putting” CD a total of 4 times. Not only did a putt extremely well, averaging 27 putts per round), but it translated into other facets of my game. For the first time in five years I was able to score in double digits under par in a tournament. For 54 holes I was 1-under-par and my final 9 holes of the tournament I shot 30 with 1 eagle and 4 birdies and finished 4th overall in the event. Believe me when I say, ‘It worked for me and it will work for you!’”

Any player who wants to reach the next level in this game must learn to master the mental side. Travis Fox’s methods will help you get there.

Mark Lye

18 year PGA TOUR Player and Golf Channel Analyst

I recently used the beat the bogey man techniques and took my game to the next level.  My mental approach changed.  I just won the match-play club championship after I demolished my opponent 8 & 6.  I continued to roll in putt after putt and [my opponent] just couldnt take it anymore. Thanks to Dr. Fox!

Tim O.

Former client

For the first time in five years I was able to score in the double digits under par in a tournament. Believe me when I say, it worked for me and it will work for you!”

Bob Casper

Co- Host Real Golf Radio

Dr. Fox has helped me understand my mind and has also helped my game tremendously.

Cliff Kresge

PGA Tour Player – Top 100 Money Leaders 2008

Ive had my set for a little more than two weeks.  Almost immediately my game improved.  This past Saturday I was even-par going into hole 16 and finished bogey/par/bogey for a 74, my lowest score ever!  Theres still plenty room for improvement and the Dr. Fox is going to help me get there.

Mark C.

Former client

Travis and his method are beyond revolutionary!

Mathias Gronberg

PGA Tour School winner 2003 and PGA Tour Player 2003-2012

Dr. Fox’s Hyperformance Relaxation mental tools are nothing less than revolutionary; especially for those golfers whose swing is less than picture perfect.  As a doctor of psychology, Fox has used his extensive knowledge of how the mind functions (and dysfunctions!) to create a radically new approach to golf instruction.  However, unlike many of golf’s so called mental gurus, as a former competitive golfer, Fox not only talks the talk – but walks the walk.  He knows the pressure of needing to make a three-foot putt on 18 just to make the cut, because he has lived it!

Peter Kessler

Host of “Making the Turn”, XM Channel 146

After approximately 3 weeks and several tournaments I started to hit 12 out of 14 fairways and dropping my scores easily 5 strokes a round. chipping out of the woods was no longer a part of my game and as a result my confidence of hitting irons into the greens began to improve along with my putting.  My handicap is a 10.3 index down from a 15.7. Im playing the best golf of my life.  My partner and I just won our clubs Member guest tournament beating 166 other golfers.  Twelve months of bragging rights is priceless! Makes me a real believer in Dr. Foxs mental approach to the game.

Daniel C.

Former client

After using the product for two weeksI walked around the office for days with a club in my hand saying tick tock like a grandfather clock…Whoever is a nonbeliever in his methods should be directed to me for a lesson in the power of suggestion.  Thanks to these CDs and DVDs I am now practicing on a regular basis and intend to go back to playing 3 days a week minimum to get back to a five handicap again.  This was worth every penny and more for both the serious and recreational golfer.” 

Gene S.

Former client

“I have been playing golf for 42 years. I have taken many lessons, and read all the books and studied all the swings.  Dr. Fox’s approach to golf is new and refreshing.  His method “frees up the mind” and “provides effortless power.” It is so exciting to see improvement in my students and myself without worrying about the mechanics of the golf swing. The ball actually goes in the direction we are looking with no cognitive thought. My only wish is that I had met Dr. Fox years ago. His method works.  I see it in my students and myself every day. Thank you Dr. Fox, you have given me a better way to communicate and enjoy this wonderful game.

Jim Fonda - PGA Professional

Former client

I [tried] the putting suggestion.  Well, damned if it doesnt work! the results were definitive.  I showed the technique to a couple of complete strangers, who were possibly two of the worst putters Ive ever seen.  Within minutes both were rolling almost every putt within a foot or less of the cup no matter the putt length.

Jim M.

Former client


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