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What if you Quit Your Job and Do What You Love


Written by Travis Fox on May. 12th 2019
You might be thinking it’s just another motivational blog that tells you to quit your only job andpursue passion and then what next poof you don’t have any clue what to do next.
Let me tellyou this 99% of people will read this blog think of quitting the job and after some hours it’s all the same.
The next day you are into your same routine job doing the same thing that you don’t wantto do. So the main question you must be asking right now what should I do?
It’s not easy to justhand over the resignation letter and go to home without a clue what to do next. I know it’s not easy and it’s not for everyone, you will fail hundreds of time but you have to get itright just once.
Think of all the successful people in the world they are pursuing their passionday in and day out and the fame and money is just a by product of it. They serve people, they entertain people with all of their heart and that’s why they are the greatest in their respectivefield.
It will take a lot of hard work and first you have to sacrifice a lot to get it right. So you might be asking ok I am ready for to Quit the job. Follow the dreams. Chase the passion.
Live life to the fullest.
Let us help you in your journey by preparing you mentally strongto face hurdles which i am sure there will be .
While we also advocate that you quit your job andfollow your dreams, there are some disclaimers that you need to be aware of —
we don’t want you to act rashly:
Have a fully filled emergency fund worth 3-6 months’ of your expenses as a cushion. Consider the possibility of your job connecting you to your dream.As early as now, look at your dream objectively and determine how you can turn it into asustainable source of income.
Are you already finished?
Well, if you’re sure that you’re ready to quit your job and start living your dream now,
here are five reasons to compel you and motivate you to take the great leap:
1. You’ll Be In Control Of Your Own Life
Follow Your Dreams Or Someone Else Will Hire You To Build Theirs.
There are no managers, no company regulations and no policy restrictions when you finally quit your job — only the freedom and the liberation to chase the things that you’re completely passionate (and knowledgeable!) about.
Most of the time, your dream job may not even exist, so you should create it for yourself.
2. You’ll Have More Opportunities To Develop Responsibility And Accountability
Because you’re going to be your own boss, you’re going to be entirely responsible for what isgoing to happen to your destiny.
Therefore, you’re going to be more hands-on in terms of doingthe activities related to your dream job.
You’ll learn to tighten the belt and make your moneystretch.
You’ll learn to follow up.
You’ll learn to be answerable for you decisions.
3. Fulfillment Can Only Be Achieved By Doing Work That You Love
Just like happiness can be achieved by being with the person you love, fulfillment can only bederived from your passion.
Fulfillment is not only limited to money, you know.
The feeling ofcontentment and the bliss that you’re doing something to change the world in your own way —these can be fulfillment as well.
4. Forget The Mindless Drone And Numbing Chatter —You’re Empowered Each Day!
You’re motivated to do great things because you’re in love with what you’re doing. No morewasting time trying to please your boss.
No more wasting energy trying to get along with meancolleagues. No more wasting effort in accomplishing a report that’s not even read.
Just pureempowerment in doing things that matter to you.
5. You Will Be Spared The “What If?” Syndrome
No regrets. At the end of it all, you won’t be sad and depressed as you try to think of the things that could have happened if you had quit your job and followed your passion.
You’re living the consequences and enjoying the experience right now.
Don’t be one of those people who were too scared to take the leap and who are too regretful forhaving failed to do so.
If it’s the right choice, you can take it.
6. You’ll Enhance Your Creativity And Innovation Skills
Quitting your job and pursuing your passion, such as starting your own side business, writing your own book or establishing your own dance studio, will all drain your bank account and your emotional reserves.
How can you push through and continue moving forward? You do this by bootstrapping and making do with what you have.
Talk about Innovation Training 101!
7. You Are Going To Be Independent And Successful, Intime.
You won’t be successful overnight — but you’ll be successful one night.
Take great leaps of faith, do what you can and extend your limits. Success is waking up each morning, doing thework you love, being with the people you love and helping others do the same.
Own your life or someone else will do it for you.
8. You Will Be The Author Of Your Own Life.
Now I am not going to write anything in here…
It’s your time decide what your dreams are and if you want to chase it or not. ​
See you another time. Happy Journey​.
And if you want any help we are always here ​(​​)​ to support you.
You’re Not Alone!
We’ve all had days where we come home worn out, unhappy and ultimately questioning whether our jobs are worth the cost we pay day after day.
If you’re tired of sitting in limbo and want to take a serious, calculated look at whether or not it’s time for a change, you need to check this out.
This will give you the clarity you need to start acting rather than reacting!

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